What would it be like to listen to a person’s intimate recounting of their most transformative God encounters while also watching raw moments of their everyday life unfold? Then Sings My Soul is a poetic collection of testimonies of four individuals across the world whose souls sing in response to God’s movement in their lives. Intended for watching in your church or small group, this 45-minute film arranges the lives and testimonies of unique individuals into a narrative that culminates into a chorus of four unified voices. Get the free distribution kit as a digital download now!

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The Making Of

Sit with Derrick and Christy as they tell the story of how this film came to be — from the moment the idea was first born, to the filmmaking journey by this husband/wife/baby crew, to the postproduction process and its final release! Filled with photos and videos over the years, “The Making of Then Sings My Soul” is its own testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of the God we serve.


If Then Sings My Soul impacted you, we’d love to include your response here so that it can exist to encourage others and give testimony to what God is doing through this film! Please send written or video responses to us at Videos can be submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link, or emailed directly via Google Drive.



The purpose of this project has always been that it might be a gift to the American church. It is completely free to receive all the associated materials to screen it at your group, and it is not intended to be a fundraiser. However, we also realize that the natural response for some people is to want to give financially. If that is you, each of the four people represented in Then Sings My Soul are connected to Christian ministries which you can support. Please email us at to receive info on how to give.


If you would like even more details from our journey, as well as to see the other video work we were doing during our overseas travels, please check out the blog that we kept.

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