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Wild Bridge Films is a Richmond video production team that travels worldwide to tell stories. These stories range from individual artists to large corporate businesses, from young love to weathered wisdom. Our videos have our subjects feeling like they're part of a motion picture.


More and more audiences require a human, emotional connection linked to their consumption or their support of a cause. We strive to be the bridge between the speaker and the viewer, creating experiences that provoke reaction, all through the vehicle of filmmaking.


Our world relies on video to communicate a vivid experience through imagery just as much as it articulates information. We utilize professional tools, from nostalgic Super 8mm cameras to modern aerial drones, to tell your story. We'd love to hear about your next project.



Our craft is emotional storytelling with a deep human connection; our standard is a clear message that fully articulates what you have to say. Our work is guided by a perfect blend of three major influencers: the heart and voice of our client, the perspective of their audience, and the breath of our own artistry. We accomplish this by taking time to understand what the goal of a video is—what story needs to be told, what needs to be communicated—and then we strategize shoots based on the imagery and video content that we think will serve to establish a human, emotional connection just as clearly as it communicates the information that the piece necessitates.


Whether You're a solo artist, small business, or large corporation,
we tell the stories of people and their work by making
an emotional connection through video.


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Legacy Life Stories are films portraying a long-lived life telling his or
Her stories juxtaposed with footage of who they are now.

legacy life stories

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Our work features organizations both overseas and stateside that exist to restore
communities around them. 
We feel honored to help communicate the beautiful
work of various organizations serving communities all over the world.




We truly love making art from wedding footage, our centering question to ourselves being,
“If we could bottle up this couple’s love and commitment for each other and then
transform it into a film, what would it look like, what would it feel like?”