Legacy Life Stories: Evelyn Rogers

Evelyn Rogers is truly a beautiful human. Recently we had the privilege of spending two lovely afternoons with her. The first was in the house she and her husband built in Browns Mills, New Jersey, and the second was in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama. When we first pulled up to her house back in December, all Evelyn really knew about us was that we were friends coming with cameras to listen to stories. She admitted to us that she didn’t have much to say and we were probably going to need to just “burn all the film", but after meeting us (and deciding she rather liked us), she opened up and shared the story of her life. :)

As you will discover, Evelyn was a fun child, an army’s wife for several decades, a mighty good gardener, and continues to be a devoted mother and grandmother. Probably our favorite aspect of this film and what makes it especially unique is the fact that Evelyn and her three siblings (two of which are sisters, being older and younger than Evelyn by 15 months) all gathered together in the town of their childhood and we got to be there! Oh my, seeing the four of them laughing and reminiscing all together was entertaining, hilarious, captivating and all of the above. 

We hope you enjoy getting to meet our lovely Evelyn—through the memories she shares, yes, but also through the footage of her life and vibrance now, at the impressive age of 92. This is a shortened version of Evelyn’s 30-minute Legacy Life Story film.

A huge thank you to Jeff & Ernie (4) for making this happen, to Susan for helping to orchestrate the shoots and giving us plenty of material about Evelyn to pursue as well as feeding us delicious meals, and most of all, thank you to Evelyn Rogers for graciously allowing us to capture your stories on film. We feel honored to know you and help your legacy endure.

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