Company Introduction: Cherry Creek Wellness Center

Cherry Creek Wellness Center is a modern physical therapy and wellness facility situated on a Denver penthouse floor overlooking gorgeous mountain scenery, with four other locations throughout the area as well. We don't often work on marketing pieces for commercial clients, but having seen the style of our other filmmaking work, Rhonda, the clinic manager at CCWC, was interested in having us create a video for them. We agreed and found ourselves taken with the way CCWC employees passionately speak about their practice, as well as by the life-giving, central vision that drives the entire company as a whole. What we love most about Cherry Creek Wellness Center is their commitment to journey with clients throughout their entire healing process, from the disappointment of injury or limitation to the triumph of returning to life, often leaving clients in a more improved state than before their limitations were experienced. Although CCWC deals with a lot of injured patients, the atmosphere of their office is not one of sickness, but one of inspiration. Their aim for a spa-like atmosphere serves their desire to make clients feel confident to take authority over their wellness instead of feeling powerless to their injury. We are proud to share the healing work of Cherry Creek Wellness Center with you.

Derrick CollinsComment