Mini Documentary: Wholehearted Orphanage

Derrick and I have had a serious itch to go overseas for a while now. In fact, it was our planning for a 9-month documentary trip a couple of years ago that first connected our heartstrings. Timing is a funny thing because that particular trip is still on hold but our relationship continued and our mutual desire to use film overseas never faded.

I first heard about Wholehearted Orphanage through my sister and brother-in-law, Jenny & Luke Schartner. They have been going multiple times a year to Fond Parisien, Haiti, to work with W.H.O. since 2012. I knew that something very special had to have been happening there to bring my sister and brother back so often. Also, I noticed that them traveling there really seemed to form their lives and give them such new perspective on how to live.

In the Spring of 2014, Wholehearted Orphanage was beginning to express a big need for a video to communicate what they do. Derrick and I were immediately interested! We connected with Mary Leigh & Paige (co-founders of W.H.O.) and planned our trip.

Haiti is a beautiful place. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it is so much more colorful, lively and communal than the generalizations we hear.

We went to Haiti to focus on one orphanage and discovered instead the tight-knit community of Haitian Christian Mission that is school and church and hospital and after school program and orphanage. This truly is a collection of amazing people living out of love to cultivate vitality and hope through their service to the community they live among.

We are excited for you to meet the beautiful people behind WHO, the story of how they came to be and the kids who are thriving there, as well as their inspiring dream for the future!

Please visit their website to learn more or give to their cause!

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