The Creative Process of our Logo

     The inspiration for the crate version of our logo came to us after we decided we want to be vendors at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show. (Derrick and I worked together on the digital logo; I drew a sketch of our vision for what "Wild Bridge" looked like, and Derrick brought it through processing, laying it over wood texture and chiseling the name.) We knew we would need a way to "brand" our little booth at the expo in a way that brides and other vendors could remember us, and we didn't want to simply print our digital logo on canvas.

     I loved the way Derrick had chosen wood with planks in his processing of our logo, so I was inspired to find some weathered wood to brand with our design. We have quite a few antique shops near us, one in particular called Rusty Chandelier, which is famous for adorable vintage booths but also a large outdoor patio filled with old doors, windows, trunks and just about everything! That is where I discovered the crate we used for our signage. (At first, I was looking for a sort of plank or square of wood, but I realized that a crate was perfect for holding itself up and also would look FANTASTIC on a wall: We were VERY excited about the prospect of decorating our office with this piece one day.)

          As far as my process, I traced the exact logo Derrick and I created together to ensure consistency, using a charcoal process with tracing paper. We thought about using ink or paint, but I was eager to maintain that drawing/sketch look. Since the wood was so textured and grooved, the transfer didn't come out very well. But, it was there enough for me to see what was going on and darken the right places. :) If you've ever worked with charcoal, you know its super messy and loves to smear right off. To keep everything nice and sharp, I covered the area with a finishing sealant which I totally forgot to do outside, so it made Derrick and me a little loopy haha. That's the joy of the process!

        If you'd like to see this logo-crate live, visit us at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Expo on April 13th! 

Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

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