Family Vignette: The Schartners

This December we had the joy of filming a Saturday morning at the Schartner house to create a Family Vignette. The main aim of our love shoots is to, with our cameras in hand, enter the world of a family or couple living their lives and then cut the footage we have gathered to music in a sequence that honestly represents the beauty and love they are already living. We desire to preserve a season of their lives exactly as they are, in an artistic and inspiring way.

I am probably a lot biased (this is my sister, brother-in-law, nieces & nephew we are talking about after all), but truly we couldn’t have asked for a lovelier or funnier family than this one to film. From the moment we were there, laughter and silliness ensued. I love Jenny & Luke’s calm presence as their kiddos run and dance and hop all over the place like little birds free and confident in who they are. We have had the privilege of observing this family from the outside as well as up-close & personal, and I can attest that there is 100% genuine love in this family. No they are not perfect, no family is. But there is a very real and raw love, a peace and steadiness amidst the chaos, binding them together in a way that you can just sense being around them.

Jenny & Luke, we are so proud of the parents and examples you are to us. We love the way you consistently strive to raise all of your children in love and truth. We are privileged to have been able to watch Jax be slowly yet securely woven into your household, your family. We adore him & the girlies. Thank you for spending your first Saturday as the Schartners, including your son Jax Lukas, with us! <3

Christy CollinsComment