Legacy Life Stories: Elmer Collins

Sweet Grandpa Collins is our debut Legacy Life Stories star. He is 92 years old and lives in Concordia, Kansas, where we traveled to enjoy his company and capture him telling his stories. We didn't want to bombard him with a camera right away, so we got a tour of the town he has lived in for over 50 years, along with all the memories he's made there. As we drove around, he would intermittently turn to the backseat where I was sitting and say "You okay back there lil Chrissy? You doing okay back there lil babe?" We were able to see the different homes he'd lived in, a couple of garages he had built by hand, and the roads he laid. He drove a road grader until he was well into his 80's. After picking up a soda from Dairy Queen (his treat), we made it back to the house for some interviewing.

The idea of this type of piece, Legacy Life Stories, is very new to even us who are trying to make it happen, so you can imagine how foreign it was to Grandpa when we tried to explain it to him. And yet, after a few bewildered looks at the camera and one "Is this thing on?", he settled right into the magic of storytelling.

Being able to soak in his stories and spend the whole day with him was such a treasure. We are ecstatic to have caught both them and him on film to access for generations to come.

Our only regret is not being able to get to the second half of his life due to time constraints there. (We only got about an hour or so of on camera time with him.) Our hope in creating these films is to capture key milestones and anecdotes of the whole lifespan. We are eager to hear your feedback and thoughts as we are refining this idea for Legacy Life Stories! Feel free to comment :)

If this sparks an intrigue in your heart and resonates with where your family is at, please contact us. We would love to discuss what a Legacy Life Story for your loved one could become!

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